Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday, 9 October 2009

Textual Analysis of existing Products

Denotation - Actual/explicit meaning - description.
Connotation - Implied meaning, meaning behind it.
Representation - How the media re-present things to us - stereotypes. Print/moving image.
Layout - How elements are positioned. Print.
Narrative - The story.
Mise-en-scene - Everything in the scene - props, costume, make-up, performance, lighting.
Editing - The way the shots are put together.
Sound (digetic, non-digetic) - Digetic - they can hear. Non-digetic - they can't hear.

Music Video

Girls Aloud

* Colours - black, white and red. The most popular colours used in the media. Stand out and are very bold.
* Romantic props that are red; red wine, red rose, red candles, strawberries.
* Girls aee represented as 'sexy'.
* Starts out romantic and becomes out of control/aggressive as the songs progresses. Fits with the words of the song.
* Lots of images of the girls themselves, promoting their image.
* Editing - multiple screening.
* Quite scopophillic - looking at women in a sexual way.
* Encouraging audience to look at them.
* Dressed differently - highlighting individuality.
* Equal numbers of shots of each girl and never all together - highlights independence.
* 100% performance-based. narcissistic.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I Love Rock n Roll music video.

The use of black and white in this music video works well as it shows a mysterious side and you don't know what to expect because you can't see Britney's face properly. As the video starts to get colour, I like the way they use the effect of using different colours so it looks like its flashing. I want my video to also be quite fast paced at times like this one is. The red colour in the background could be symbolising that she is quite promiscuous.

I Love Rock n Roll

Friday, 25 September 2009


Music Video.
My task is to make a promotional music video for a new original music act. The act can be a group or solo artist and the track you choose can be any genre, although ballads are not recommended. The purpose of the video is to launch the act and should reflect their style, genre and target audience.