Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday, 9 October 2009

Textual Analysis of existing Products

Denotation - Actual/explicit meaning - description.
Connotation - Implied meaning, meaning behind it.
Representation - How the media re-present things to us - stereotypes. Print/moving image.
Layout - How elements are positioned. Print.
Narrative - The story.
Mise-en-scene - Everything in the scene - props, costume, make-up, performance, lighting.
Editing - The way the shots are put together.
Sound (digetic, non-digetic) - Digetic - they can hear. Non-digetic - they can't hear.

Music Video

Girls Aloud

* Colours - black, white and red. The most popular colours used in the media. Stand out and are very bold.
* Romantic props that are red; red wine, red rose, red candles, strawberries.
* Girls aee represented as 'sexy'.
* Starts out romantic and becomes out of control/aggressive as the songs progresses. Fits with the words of the song.
* Lots of images of the girls themselves, promoting their image.
* Editing - multiple screening.
* Quite scopophillic - looking at women in a sexual way.
* Encouraging audience to look at them.
* Dressed differently - highlighting individuality.
* Equal numbers of shots of each girl and never all together - highlights independence.
* 100% performance-based. narcissistic.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I Love Rock n Roll music video.

The use of black and white in this music video works well as it shows a mysterious side and you don't know what to expect because you can't see Britney's face properly. As the video starts to get colour, I like the way they use the effect of using different colours so it looks like its flashing. I want my video to also be quite fast paced at times like this one is. The red colour in the background could be symbolising that she is quite promiscuous.

I Love Rock n Roll